ACC Builder CoverPlus Extra

 ACC Builder CoverPlus Extra

New Zealand builders are very busy professionals who always maximise their time to increase their earning power. By using following steps (this page provides) you as a builder will be able to save significant amount of your money – GUARANTEED.

ACC has “one fit all concept” buy offering “CoverPlus” policy to New Zealand self employed professionals. “CoverPlus”  helps ACC to collect as much levies as possible and in the meantime to look after people who do not want or possibly do not know about other solutions. Watch the video below to gain more knowledge about what you can do to save your money and have better protection to compare to “CoverPlus”.

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This page can help you to save your dollars on ACC levies in four steps.

  1. Complete ACC Builder Coverplus Extra calculator and save it on your desktop. Find the best (and possibly a few) code descriptions of your building trade. Please watch this guide video
  2. Complete this form which would allow to look after your financial interests.
  3. Put in place an insurance policy to insure that in the event you are sick you are going to have sound financial protection in place.

Once you apply to put in place ACC Builder CoverPlus Extra you (in most cases) are going decrease amount of money ACC charges you (levies),  for instance:

You are a successful builder (domestic CODE) and your taxable amount of money for the last year $60,000 your ACC levies would be:

ACC CoverPlus $2,684 inclusive of GST (For CU Code 41110 Home construction). In the even you had an accident your income would be $48,000 ( annually) or proportionally $4,000 monthly or $923.08 weekly. If on the other hand you were just diagnosed with “cancer” or had a heart attack – you would receive nothing.

ACC allows New Zealand self employed people to lower the amount of money ACC charges the levies on which becomes an agreed amount of money ACC would pay you in the event you had an accident.

If you put in place ACC Builder CoverPlus Extra for $23,712 (being the minimum amount you can have your ACC cover for)  your levies would be $1,625 leaving enough money in your pocket to have a private ( much better) insurance to compensate for your ACC cover and have a policy which would provide you with cover if you need it no matter what.

By using Income Protection or Mortgage Protection or Rent Protection policy you can rest assured that you are paying less for your ACC levies and have cover which would respond to any situation your destiny has for you.


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