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Since you are self employed ACC has a different relationship with you, which means that you are possibly going to get less money being paid to your bank account in the event something accidentally happened.

Working together with ACC to resolve issues

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As a self employed you are most likely using your ability to decrease your personal tax payments (legitimately and your accountant helps you to achieve the most desired outcome), the problem with that is in the event you had an accident ACC is going to pay you only 80% of your earnings.

Once you decided to call yourself self employed: you get normal ACC CoverPlus policy (majority of self employed New Zealanders have CoverPlus) this ACC product means that you must prove your income at the time of claimable event. Imagine, you had a fall from the ladder, very painfully broke your legs, now you are in the cast and ACC asks you to provide all the necessary documents to prove your income…in the meantime while you are getting everything ready you fell behind your mortgage payments.


An overview of ACC for employers and for self employed

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Did you know that ACC only pays if you had an accident? This means if you became sick – you are on your own. Just think any sickness you have – you should be able to pay for all your expenses (like if you are working). The question for you to address here is – if you are sick for 3-6 months – would you be able to maintain your sound financial position?This can be very difficult situation – would you agree? There is a solution if you want us to calculate and provide you with a tailored to your circumstances solution please complete the form, if not please read on the page for your trade.


What you should know about ACC CoverPlus Extra in Auckland New Zealand

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Getting help after an injury

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ACC CoverPlus Extra Calculator

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guide to getting help from ACC if you have been injured

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ACC CoverPlus Extra Calculator
Giving access is an introduction whiteboard presentation to help people to learn about available savings from ACC New Zealand. The service is designed to help: Builders, Electricians, Plumbers, Hairdressers, Real estate sales people and rocket scientists.

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